A Tribute to Ronald Davis: Rest inPeace!

September 11, 2019by socialaction2014

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hqdefaultRonald Davis: A Person, Not a Bum

Being homeless, living on the streets of Chicago, Ronald Davis would say, “I’m just trying to survive.” For him, life was about survival. But, tragically, he did not survive. While sleeping in Bloomington Park, he was severely beaten by two men. He was taken to a local hospital and later died from his injuries.

Ronald was often mocked for being homeless by people who passed by him on the street. They would often say, “Get a job, bum!” He would often reply, “I’m not a bum. I’m a human being.” He would also cry from the humiliation of being called “a bum!”

Ronald wanted to be treated with respect. In wanting that, his humanity was “welling up from within him.” In other words, he…

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