Death . 


(dedicated to late Terry a fellow blogger, May his soul rest in peace).

All thanks to the autopine for letting us know and about his heavenly demise(God willing). May his soul rest in peace.

Death. It’s inevitable.

“Tomorrow a day will come I won’t be here,

You inflicted disdain , I won’t be there for your apology.

As I breathe in air, tomorrow my lungs won’t exchange.

And heart would pump the elixirs

The whole life would seem a moment.

That all happened in a jiff.

The mistake and blunders, I wished I didn’t occur.

My apologies remain, and I am clearing all my inheritance one in all.

Forgive my sins and ill propensities,

I undeliberately occurred.

I seek forgiveness to God, I am a sinner,

And i’m nothing without His mercy,

Not a single good deed, grossed,

Equates the one molecule of oxygen, took in.

Let clear my left…

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