Police Brutality Compilation Worst Excessive Force 2016 TheBreakdownCo. TWO VIDEOS






  1. That was such a horrible story, but one that needs to be seen. I called my kids in to watch it. All our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. What a great dad he has because you know those scumbags wanted him gone from the story. I’ve never left a comment before but this is a outrage and one that is happening way to much. These people who found the scum not guilty i can only hope that you never find your self on the wrong end a cops bad day cause this can happen to anyone. Just because they have a badge don’t mean they are good people, not even close. It’s a job nothing more, a job were you don’t have to answer to anyone and if that’s not enough they are almost always above the law they pretend to uphold. We all need to stand up and say enough is enough time to make the cops accountable for their actions just like they hold us and find guilt were guilt belongs… No more of this shit…. RIP


    1. Hi, Kevin
      Thank you so much for your courageos words; this is, why I report These cases of Police brutality.
      Each human has human rights, which are not allowed, to be robbed from him.
      No one should feel like a worthless “Thing”.
      Thank you und God bless you for teaching your children, what is right, and what is wrong.
      Bless you and your Family!


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