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.Update in relations to the Alabama department of Corrections, at the Elmore facility in Elmore county.A white middle aged man was found collapsed inside of DORM A-1 just a few moments ago . The officer that eventually responded was Co1 Scroggins failed to administer CPR . The man was unresponsive and had turned blue. The shift leader Sgt. Richardson was called to the scene and he responded nonchalantly, taking his time, and without being prepared with an emergency CPR to attempt a life saving maneuver in which each Correctional officer has training in. Officer Woodgetpushed the unresponsive inmate slowly to the back gate of Elmore where the inmate has to be taken to another facility in order to receive medical attention.WHY IS THAT?BECAUSE THERE IS NO MEDICAL PERSONNEL AT ELMORE CORRECTIONAL FACILITY.THIS ALONE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!note the man died and now Elmore is in lock down due to…

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