Chicago Didn’t Release All Videoz and Reportz From Cop Shootings

Daily Beast last year.

The officer in Isby’s case was also cleared of wrongdoing by IPRA, Sissac said on Monday.

The Daily Beast review also found, based on IPRA’s own statistics, that at least one fatal shooting from 2011 was missing from the portal.

That year, IPRA’s annual report identified 23 fatal police shootings. Reports available on the agency’s website show that 17 fatal police shooting cases have been closed, leaving six as pending or open investigations. On Monday, Sissac said that all of those cases have been closed, with officers being exonerated of wrongdoing in nearly all of them.

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Several cases were missing from Friday’s data dump until The Daily Beast dug in.

Editor’s Note, 6/6/2016: The Independent Police Review Authority said Monday that cases of killings by police that were missing from its online portal were excluded because they are in fact closed cases.

CHICAGO — At least three killings by police not included in a large release of evidence on Friday by the city’s Independent Police Review Authority, were missing because they have been closed, but the summaries of those cases were never added to the agency’s website, IPRA said on Monday.

All available video, audio, and reports associated with police shooting cases that are still being investigated by IPRA were supposed to have been made available to the public via the agency’s website on Friday. But at least three cases appeared to have been missing, a Daily Beast investigation found, based on IPRA’s…

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