How the Gorilla Incident Became an Issue of Racism



Animal lives matter – over black ones in this nation.

By now, you’ve heard of the tragic story of a four year-old African-American boy who fell into a gorilla exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo. The child was approached by a large silverback  named Harambe. The 17 year-old gorilla started to drag the young boy through the water. The child was screaming for help. His mother Michelle Gregg, powerless to save him, tells her son to be strong and that she’s there for him.

There was no other choice than to kill Harambe in order to save the young child.

It’s hard to have to put an animal down, but in this case it was the only way to save the life of a young child. Sadly, the usual brood of faux-liberal animal lovers see Harambe’s death as a bigger tragedy than the thought of a young boy almost getting killed or that…

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