JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED! #Justice4DavontaeSanford #Detroit #WrongfullyConvicted #JUSTICEDAVONTAE

Social Action 2014

JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED! #Justice4DavontaeSanford#Detroit#WrongfullyConvicted#JUSTICEDAVONTAE
#DavontaeSanford #684070-Marquette Branch Prison-1960 U.S.Hwy 41 South -Marquette,Mi-49855

Who is Davontae Sanford?

Who is Davontae Sanford? He is Detroit’s Forgotten Child. Innocence raped in the grips of overzealous cops and a prosecutor who doesn’t give a damn about justice or innocence. She wants Detroit to forget Davontae!! To ignore her great evil misdeeds and sweep the case under the carpet. And your silence has made it all possible Detroit. Until it happens to your child – of course. BUT she suffered a MAJOR defeat at the Michigan Court of Appeals when that court granted Davontae relief on every issue he raised but one; namely whether Private Investigator Linda Boris can testify as to the details of the murders that Vincent Smothers confided in her –as he has to CNN; the Associated Press; his attorney and last but not least…

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