US is ‘under-incarcerated,’ should lock more people up – GOP senator

Tales from the Conspiratum

How can the human species evolve when these so-called leaders open their mouths to utter such ignorant drivel?

But Cotton is right: there is still plenty of cells available for all the bloody American war criminals strutting around like peacocks. These pathetic cowards have no problem sending your kids to war. Let’s put them all in jail, as Cotton believes that prisons are under-utilized. Pathetic ignorant scum bags. There will be karma and one day you will eat your words.

Source: US is ‘under-incarcerated,’ should lock more people up – GOP senator — RT America

RT America

Despite having the world’s biggest inmate population and second-highest incarceration ratio, the US should send more offenders to jail, Republican Senator Tom Cotton has said, adding that freeing inmates would make the US like Iraq.

In an attack on proposed criminal justice reforms, Cotton criticized bipartisan…

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