There is an epidemic of missing women and girls of colour in the UK

Media Diversified

by Chimene Suleyman

As a child, I watched family members laid to rest with nothing but a sheet of white cloth around their bodies. We go to the earth as we come from it — naked and equal. Only, the imposed hierarchy from ones birth may impact greatly on the manner in which we receive a persons’ passing. We may return to the land as we started, but those who show their compassion may not always measure by the same equality.

Summer 2013, Ohio, the bodies of three African American women were found. Would the revelation of a serial killer and the tragedy of his victims have garnered wider coverage, many asked, had his victims been white? It’s not a scandalous question. Nor is the answer likely to be a surprise. The faces of white, middle-class men and women have been plastered all across our screens and magazines for so…

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