“Because I (Expletive) Said So”: Video Shows Cops Harassing Black Man for Legally Carrying Firearm

“Because I (Expletive) Said So”: Video Shows Cops Harassing Black Man for Legally Carrying Firearm

“Because I (Expletive) Said So”: Video Shows Cops Harassing Black Man for Legally Carrying Firearm

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There are dozens of videos of white men carrying what appear to be assault rifles inside restaurants and on the street, but when one black man in Connecticut brought his gun into a Subway restaurant in January, he found himself being targeted by police.

Dontrell Brown holsters his legally owed, open carry gun with him everywhere, but instead of respecting his Second Amendment rights, police treat him like a common criminal.

When a Bridgeport officer standing in front of Brown at Subway restaurant noticed a bulge in Brown’s clothing, the officer confronted him.

“Because I (expletive) said so”: Cops Harass Black Man for Legally Holstering Gun

“Well, you have a gun. So then he said, ‘do you have a permit?’ And I’m like why? He said ‘because I (expletive) said so,” Brown told Fox61.

After officers advised Subway not to serve Brown, at least one officer followed him to another store.

In Connecticut open carry is not only legal, but according to The Free Thought Project, “a person is not required to show an officer their permit unless they are detained or were the victim of a crime.”

The governor’s criminal justice adviser disagrees with that understanding of the law, however.

“If you’ve got a handgun and you don’t have a permit, it’s a five-year felony, and the only way for the police officer to find out is to ask for the permit,” said Mike Lawlor, undersecretary for criminal justice.

“It simply says that it must carry much like drivers of motor vehicles much must carry their licenses,” Lawlor continued.

Brown was not arrested, however, and says on previous occasions officers eventually acknowledged that he doesn’t have a duty to show his permit. On one occasion, Brown says someone called police because seeing him carry a gun made them feel unsafe.

Watch the videos below:



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