This shocking news was reported by the New York Times on October 4, 1903. In other words, within five years of US occupation, the Times already realized how its own country was operating in Puerto Rico.

The article was thorough, lengthy and detailed. You can read it here:


The New York Times is not a “radical” or “leftist” publication…in fact, quite the opposite.

The Times is an establishment newspaper: a member of the US media elite, and a part of the US power structure.

And yet, even the New York Times felt compelled to report the abuses that were being heaped on the island, by the US capitalist system.

NYT Puerto Rico

Here are some of the facts that the Times reported:

“The United States has been remiss in providing the most important of all things – a market for Porto Rican products.”

“Before the war Spain opened wide its doors to…

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