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It took a while, but Texas police finally admitted that they shot an unarmed woman! Anthony Bell’s 47-year-old mother was shot and killed by the Bastrop County Sheriff’s department in Texas.

“I couldn’t even touch her hand or kiss her on the forehead,” Bell said. His 47-year-old mom was shot and killed by 28-year-old Deputy Daniel Willis. It took a full six hours until Bell was informed of his mother’s death at the hands of police.

“I answered the door and there were two investigators there, and they said your mom’s been involved in an accident. I thought a car wreck and he said, no, she was shot by an officer and she died. I just lost it then.”

Yvette Smith was initially accused by police of being armed when deputy Willis fatally shot her. But the department later retracted that statement. They were first “unclear whether Smith actually had a…

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