Billy Bird – Mill Man Blues (1928) – The other (or another) Billy Bird / Byrd.

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Billy Bird – Mill Man Blues (1928)

The other (or another) Billy Bird / Byrd.

Blind Willie McTell, with 12-string guitar, ho...

There are no existing photos of Billy Bird. Believed to have been from Georgia, he only had one recording session. Four songs were recorded resulting in two issued 78 RPM records. Bird may have not have been a “name” like some of his other Georgia blues guitar playing peers, (Blind Willie McTell, Pink Anderson, Peg Leg Howell, etc.), but his recordings are deemed as essential. His two records command big bucks when presented in vintage record auctions today.

Billy Bird: Vocals & Guitar

Recorded in Atlanta, GA. Monday, October 29, 1928

Originally issued on the 1928 single (Columbia 14381-D) (78 RPM)

This recording taken from the 1989 CD “Country Blues Collector Items (1928-1933)”


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