Stop The Violence Music Video Sends A Serious Message


Chicago is experiencing the highest number of homicides and victims of gun violence in over two decades. The victims are mostly Black males between the ages of 16-25 with Austin, Englewood, and Gar…

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Bitter Black Males and Black Women’s Empowerment



The subject of interracial relationships is a touchy one in a racist society like the United States of Amerikkka. Most people can’t or won’t see beyond race when it comes to finding love. And some people will curse people of a particular color, sometimes their own, in order to bond with people of a different color.

It’s sorrowful, but there are some black folks that detest their own so much that they would rather be lynched than date their own people. The reasons are usually racist negative stereotypes one would normally see come from angry whites. You would’ve thought that such black people were white people in black skin they way they claim how black men and/or black women are no damn good!

Please get comfortable, because this is going to take some time.

Bitter Black Males

You probably know at least one, or you mostly see them, hear them or hear…

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Sandra Bland’s Mother Speaks Truth to Activists

Sandra Bland’s mother, Geneva Reed-Veal, speaks out and she does it far better than I. She also makes real points that we as activists against racism and against police brutality as well as all for…

Source: Sandra Bland’s Mother Speaks Truth to Activists

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