Chicago’s stop-and-frisk epidemic

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Chicago’s stop-and-frisk epidemic

Chicago police are now leading the way in racial profiling, reports Elizabeth Schulte.

HUMILIATING, ISOLATING and epidemic. There’s no other way to describe the Chicago Police Department’s use of stop-and-frisk, as chronicled by a new report by American Civil Liberties Union [1] (ACLU).

Chicago police stopped a quarter of a million people over a four-month period in 2014 without arresting them, according to the report, surpassing New York City, where years of protest against stop-and-frisk forced the policy of racial profiling into the national spotlight–and led a federal judge to declare [2] in 2013 that the NYPD’s use of stop-and-frisk violated the constitutional rights of Black and Latino New Yorkers who were targeted.

But Chicago police made four times as many stops per resident as the NYPD, according to the ACLU report based on reviewing a sampling for…

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John Barnes believes black managers in England don’t get second chances

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There’s been a consistent focus on the low number of black managers in British soccer – consistent because nothing much ever seems to change, irregardless of the media attention on the issue, irregardless of a high number of black role-model players eager to stay in the game after retirement, and irregardless of this being, you know, 2015.

While the debate has focused on a lack of openings for newcomers, is it time to talk about a shortage of second chances, too?

“A white manager loses his job and gets another job, he loses his job, he gets another job. Very few black managers can lose their job and get another job,” former Liverpool and England winger John Barnes says on a TV documentary set to be broadcast in the UK.

Barnes has been a regular commentator on soccer and race down the years: he was arguably England’s best black player in…

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San Francisco Prison Guards Forced Inmates to Fight ‘Like Game of Thrones’ | Alternet

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San Francisco Prison Guards Forced Inmates to Fight ‘Like Game of Thrones’ | Alternet.

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Nu-Afrikan Prisonerz Retaliated Against by Institutional Gang Investigatorz (IGI)

Nu-Afrikan Prisonerz Retaliated Against by Institutional Gang Investigatorz (IGI)

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Here at a torture unit known as the Corcoran Security Housing Unit (SHU), we New Afrikan freedom fighters and other entities are getting retaliated on by the fascist Institutional Gang Investigators (IGI). IGI and their cronies seem to think that attacking those who were hunger strikers and at the forefront of the prison movement is gonna distract us from our main objective in challenging this oppressive system. They are holding onto our mail for months at a time, giving out petty disciplinary cases after cell searches and calling miscellaneous items contraband, such as extra laundry or wire we use to make our digital channels come in clearly, and radios without static.Due to the outside support we received for the collective solidarity we expressed on the inside, we’ve received but a few items we requested in our yearly packages and canteen purchase. The legislators gave the administration an earfull of how they mistreat us in the SHU, and how mental torture is much worse than physical torture and solitary confinement must be abolished.The retaliation is a given, and just this past week I personally had some books sent back to the sender and was told they promoted racism and violence. Well, I filed a grievance to the sergeant they sent to my door because his actions were racist: The reading material was in fact about anarchism, and they have allowed the white/European inmates to have literature on this very same subject. I was also referred to as a racist because he saw pictures of a few Black Panthers on my wall, and asked why do I read racist books of the past. I just looked at the sergeant standing before me and shook my head. How can a New Afrikan be a racist considering all the things that have happened to my people in previous times, and are still happening around the country?

We are also being moved around the yard to the different buildings, and we hear it’s only due to the warden wanting to place mentally ill inmates in the left side of the building and those who are not on medication to the right side of the building, but this is so they can revalidate those who the Departmental Review Board might be considering kicking back to the mainline, and to disturb think tanks we have been able to put together throughout the prison diaspora. We who have been buried alive in these concrete tombs (Pelican Bay, Corcoran, Tehachapi SHUs) will stand firm in our principled discipline and continue our revolutionary studies, because we have a world to win. We will not let our oppressor’s strategies and tactics stop our movement or break our momentum. In true liberation and struggle I encourage all to show solidarity until all oppressed are free.

Dare to Struggle
Dare to win….

MIM(Prisons) responds: This comrade raises an important point about national oppression and racism. While we agree with what s/he wrote above, we want to expand on this topic. Racism is the ideology that arises from national oppression: a way of seeing certain groups of people as inferior based on their alleged biological differences, or “race.” National oppression is the system that engenders racism, a system where one nation has power over other nations. New Afrikans are an oppressed nation within U.$. borders, and so this discrimination based on race by the guards is no surprise (and something our comrades see all the time behind bars). But a persyn from an oppressed nation could be racist (though not in the way that the prison guard claims). We see racism manifested as incorrect ideas about Mexicans by New Afrikans or New Afrikans by Mexicans, for instance. Or oppressed nation people thinking white people are oppressors because of some biological deficiencies. The revolutionary movement needs to work on educating people on incorrect ideas about racism and the material definition of national oppression. That way we can build our scientific and materialist understanding of our present conditions.


“This week I may be jailed for writing a book on human rights abuses”

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This week I may be jailed for writing a book on human rights abuses

Being a journalist in Angola is hard. I fight corruption because it is the most sophisticated weapon the regime uses to subdue society

Angolan miner

A diamond concession in Angola. Photograph: Olivier Polet/Corbis

My name is Rafael Marques de Morais. I am an Angolan investigative journalist, and this week I may be jailed for a book I wrote in 2011 exposing human rights abuses in Angola’s diamond-rich areas of the Lundas.

Tomorrow seven powerful generals, including the minister of state and head of the intelligence bureau of the president, General Kopelipa, will take turns in testifying against me at the start of my trial on nine charges of defamation. …

They co-own…

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Black Female Activist Falsely Accused of Lynching*

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Black Female Activist Falsely Accused of Lynching*

It seems as if vengeance is on a path of revenge against the popular uprising against America’s killer cops…

From A.N.S.W.E.R.

The Sacramento police have outrageously charged ANSWER Coalition activist Maile Hampton, a young Black woman, with felony “lynching.” After holding her initially on $100,000 bail, Maile is now out of jail but faces the threat of four years in prison on false charges following an aggressive police disruption of a peaceful Black Lives Matter march in Sacramento. But we are fighting back!

Maile Hampton, 20, in the pale pink pants, poses on the steps of Sacramento Superior Court on March 16 after appearing on charges of lynching and resisting arrest. She is surrounded by people who came to support her at the hearing. Marissa Lang

Maile Hampton, 20, in the pale pink pants, poses on the steps of Sacramento Superior Court…

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George Zimmerman Blames President Obama For Stirring Racial Tensions After Trayvon Martin’s Death

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Reblogged from News One. (Not directly reblogged because of the size of a photo that might be a trigger alert for those traumatized by the face of George Zimmerman.)

In a newly released video, George Zimmerman — the former neighborhood watchman acquitted of murder in 2013 — blames President Obama for stirring racial tensions following the fatal shooting of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012.

Zimmerman, who pursued and approached the 17-year-old as he walked to his father’s house, can be heard on the March 8 recording saying he was victimized by Obama and wrongly accused of being a racist by the media.

The Orlando Sentinel writes:

“…he faulted the media for portraying him as a racist and the criminal justice system for bringing him to trial but saved his harshest criticism for Obama, whom he accused of trying to prosecute “an innocent American.”

“For him to make incendiary comments…

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