Why Black Women Are Less Likely To Survive Breast Cancer

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by Meredith Melnick

Breast cancer is one of the more survivable cancers, thanks in part to large strides in education, treatment and post-cancer care. An American woman diagnosed with breast cancer in 1975 had about a 75 percent chance of surviving for five years post-diagnosis. Today, that rate hovers around 90 percent, according to the latest statistics.

But not all women have benefited from these advances. Black women currently have a national survival rate of 79 percent. In other words, the average contemporary black woman has a survival rate on parity with a white woman from the 1970s.

Black women haven’t benefitted from advancements in breast cancer treatment to the same extent as their white counterparts due to factors that include socioeconomic barriers and lack of access to the most comprehensive health services. “The advancements in screening tools and treatment which occurred in the 1990s were largely available…

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More black babies are aborted than are born alive; MSM manipulates society to promote genocide

naturalnews.com printable article

Originally published October 26 2014

More black babies are aborted than are born alive; MSM manipulates society to promote genocide

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) In a recent column for TownHall.com, pro-life advocate Ryan Bomberger, who is African American, detailed the hypocrisy of black politicians and, specifically, the Congressional Black Caucus, regarding African American women and abortion.

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation 44th Annual Legislative Conference was held with Planned Parenthood’s participation to bash the recent U.S. Supreme Court “Hobby Lobby” decision, in which the high court upheld a 10th Circuit Court ruling that said the retailer, which is owned by a Christian family, does not have to pay for certain “day after” abortion treatments. BET Network co-hosted the event with Planned Parenthood, “the nation’s largest abortion chain,” which never misses “an opportunity to target the black community,” Bomberger wrote.

The pro-lifer went on to point out that the Hobby Lobby decision, contrary to claims made by pro-abortion groups, does not reduce women’s access to birth control — it only upholds a closely held company’s First Amendment rights when they have religious objections to paying for abortifacients. The case never addressed the other 16 forms of contraception.

However, Bomberger wrote, the conference had nothing to do with birth control; rather, it was “spin control with a racial twist.”

More black babies aborted than born

He elaborated further:

We have more access to birth control than ever before. Yet the national unintended pregnancy rate hasn’t lowered in decades. It was 49 percent in 1995 and is currently 51 percent according to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute. New York City, the home of Planned Parenthood, is a shining example of what Planned Parenthood has done for black women. The city has epidemic levels of STDs, rampant fatherlessness (72.3 percent), and black babies are aborted at five times the rate of the majority population. In fact, more black babies are aborted than born alive.

CNS News confirmed those figures, citing a 2012 report by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, which found that “there were more black babies killed by abortion (31,328) in New York City than were born there (24,758),” the news service said. In sum, the African American babies killed via abortion amounted to 42.4 percent of the total figure in NYC.

“In the CDC’s numbers, there were 38,574 black babies killed by abortion in New York City in 2010; Hispanic babies aborted, 27,112; white babies killed by abortion, 9,220; and ‘other’ aborted, 5,368,” CNS News reported. “The total abortions in New York City in 2010 ‘reported by known race/ethnicity’ were 80,274, according to the CDC.”

This has been called “black genocide” by a number of pro-life advocates, Bomberger notes, and that includes the “once pro-life Jesse Jackson,” who has since taken a much more liberal view of the issue. Yet it’s not a term that pro-abortion activists care for, but that’s because it is accurate.

“[A]ccording to the United Nations,” Bomberger wrote, “genocide is exactly what’s happening. The UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article 2, states: ‘In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group as such (a) Killing members of the group; (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; (d) Imposing measure intended to prevent births within the group…'”

‘What does it feel like to be honored for helping kill 12 million human beings?’

It’s hard to argue with that definition.

What’s more, Congressional Black Caucus members are helping to perpetuate the travesty. In 2013, the caucus chair, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Missouri, was given an award by Planned Parenthood at the CBC’s annual conference, for his “tireless work on behalf of millions of women as our country has faced the most aggressive legislative attacks on women’s health and rights in a generation.”

“What does it feel like to be honored by an organization that has killed over 12 million human beings? What goes through the mind of an individual who’s shiny, yet blood-streaked, trophy celebrates the mutilation of another person?” Bomberger wrote.

Cleaver, he pointed out, once was passionately pro-life, but his stance has now been completely compromised by liberal party politics [PDF].

VIDEO: Extended Interview with Mumia Abu-Jamal on New Pennsylvania Law Restricting Prisoners’ Speech

October 24, 2014

VIDEO: Extended Interview with Mumia Abu-Jamal on New Pennsylvania Law Restricting Prisoners’ Speech

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VIDEO: Extended Interview with Mumia Abu-Jamal on New Pennsylvania Law Restricting Prisoners’ Speech http://www.democracynow.org/blog/2014/10/24/video_extended_interview_with_mumia_abu

In an extended interview conducted over the phone from SCI Mahanoy Prison in Frackville, Pennsylvania, journalist and former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal responds to a new Pennsylvania law that authorizes the censoring of public addresses of prisoners or former offenders if judges agree that allowing them to speak would cause “mental anguish” to the victim. …

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How The Mass Incarceration Of Black Men Prevents Us From Developing Better Health Treatments

How The Mass Incarceration Of Black Men Prevents Us From Developing Better Health Treatments

October 25, 2014 By Babz Rawls Ivy, Online Editor —Leave a Comment



The United States’ racially biased criminal justice system is having an unintended consequence on medical innovation, according to a new study published in the Health Affairs journal. Researchers suggest that, due to the mass incarceration of African American men in this country, clinical trials are having trouble getting enough black participants — something that’s preventing scientists from adequately examine racial disparities in health outcomes. …
read morE:http://thejusticeimperative.org/how-the-mass-incarceration-of-black-men-prevents-us-from-developing-better-health-treatments/BLives



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The Justice Imperative: How Hyper-Incarceration Has Hijacked The American Dream. An important new book about criminal justice in Connecticut & our country.

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Video: The Global African – Understanding Libya

The Global African – Understanding Libya

Each week on “The Global African” host Bill Fletcher, Jr. addresses issues facing Africa and the African Diasporas. Today’s program deals with the situation in Libya, where three years after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi, two governments -one claiming the mantel of nationalism, the other Islamic fundamentalism- are fighting a war of attrition for control amid generalized chaos. To unravel some of the complexities of current day Lybia, Fletcher interviews Horace Campbell, author of “Global NATO and the catastrophic failure in Lybia” and Clay Clayborne, left-wing activist, blogger, and filmmaker. teleSUR

Video: The Global African – Understanding Libya.




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Lawsuits: Alabama Jailers Allowed 3 Inmates to Die of 19th-Century Ailments

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Lawsuits: Alabama Jailers Allowed 3 Inmates to Die of 19th-Century Ailments

Gangrene, a bowel obstruction, and delirium tremens killed inmates in the Madison County jail. In 2013.

| Wed Oct. 22, 2014 6:15 AM EDT

On August 6, 2013, officers at the Madison County jail in Huntsville, Alabama, moved an inmate named Duendrez Woods to a medical watch cell. Woods, 19, was suffering from an open wound on his foot and had begun hallucinating. But the jail didn’t provide him with any medical treatment. In the following days, they tased Woods for being uncooperative—three times. Woods began lying naked on the floor. He barely moved except when officers dragged him into the showers to hose off the stench of his injury. At no point did anyone treat Woods’ oozing foot or even take his blood pressure. On August 21, Woods died. The cause was complications…

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19-year-old dies naked on cell floor of gangrene; lawsuits target deaths in Madison County jail

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Root Of Evil

19-year-old dies naked on cell floor of gangrene; lawsuits target deaths in Madison County jail

Series of lawsuits targets inmate deaths at Madison County jail last year, including a 19-year-old shoplifter dead of gangrene, a 30-year-old dead of bowel obstruction and a 61-year-old dead from a broken leg. …


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